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stainless steel brake hose

Hoses and hardware are two of the most neglected areas of brake maintenance, and the gradual degradation of these components can contribute to poor braking and annoying squeal. As the original rubber hoses age, they tend to swell when the brakes are engaged, which results in a spongy brake pedal and reduced stopping distance.

We offer stainless steel braided Teflon hose kits for most cars and trucks that prevent swelling, and are D.O.T. Certified.  In most applications stainless steel brake hoses will improve braking performance.  They do so by eliminating expansion of the line under high pressure stops.  This stretching is sometimes referred to as volumetric expansion, it can lead to a soft pedal and even brake fad under extreme braking conditions.  If you have added performance friction and rotors and have a tendency to drive aggressively stainless steel lines can be a great choice.  Call us at 877-525-5233 or email us at to check on applications for your vehicle.

We can also supply standard rubber replacement rubber hoses.



Toll Free: 877-525-5233

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